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Innovative way of hanging pictures and wall decorations with unlimited layout possibilities without damaging the walls. Get one of our picture hanging systems and protect your walls while having freedom with creative ideas.

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  • Sustainable building management: cost saving
  • Flexibility: hang & move wall decoration quick and easy
  • Multifunctional: suitable for a variety of wall decorations
  • Ease of use: one time installation unlimited possibilities
  • Preservation of walls: never drill another hole
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“Very helpful company on the phone helping to decide what we needed. Reaaly quick delivery and the Artiteq track is so easy to install and use.”

“The system did what it said, and was efficient, effective and stylish. Packing and delivery were good.”

“I’ve moved and updated my picture layout as I’ve purchased new art works, the hanging system makes this a breeze, no more drilling and filling holes in the wall!”

“Quick and friendly service – I would use Simple Picture Hanging again without hesitation.”

“Excellent service, great communication and a good looking product.”

“Simple clamps work well with clear cord supplied. Quick service, good value product. Better value than eBay sellers by going direct.”

Picture hanging systems with unlimited possibilities

Dream of hanging pictures without damaging the wall? Well, now you can with us. Our Wall décor solutions can help you to hang as many pictures you like in unlimited layout possibilities with freedom to move and freshen up the look whenever you prefer.


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Picture hanging systems by Artiteq – the best way to hang your pictures!

As a specialist dealer in hanging systems, we bring you flexible hanging systems for pictures and other wall decorations. A picture hanging system consists of a hanging rail with hanging wires and hooks.There are various ways to hang art and decorate your walls. Simple Picture Hanging guarantees a safe yet also flexible way to hang pictures and wall decorations. We sell Artiteq hanging systems for mounting to the ceiling and on the wall.We offer many possibilities in this regard; in addition to the standard rail systems, we also sell a rail with integrated picture lighting, a rail that includes cornices, and rail systems that may be completely hidden in recessed ceilings.