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Systems Info

Mounting the hanging rail on the wall

Once you have made the choice to use a picture hanging system, you will have to decide whether you would like to mount this on the wall or ceiling. This choice will depend on the type of wall or ceiling and the weight that the rail will need to support. An Artiteq picture hanging system for walls is mounted to the wall using the Click&Connect system.The clips are attached to the wall using screws and plugs. Next, just click the rail onto the clips to mount the rail tightly to the wall. This system makes it easier to mount a wall rail to the ceiling in a straight line. If you are using a wall rail, you can either mount it to the ceiling or just below it on the wall. Artiteq offers several different solutions depending on the type of mounting, design and functionality. Examples include very compact hanging rails such as the Contour Rail, the Click Rail that may be mounted flush against the ceiling, or the Combi Rail Pro Light, a wall hanging system with integrated picture lighting.

Wall hanging system with rods

In addition to the modern wall rail system that uses the Click&Connect system (Click RailContour RailClick Rail Pro), Artiteq also offers more traditional picture hanging systems. These hanging rails, which are J-shaped and which use aluminium or steel rods, are screwed directly to the wall without clips. All the Artiteq picture hanging rails are made from a high-quality aluminium alloy, and are either powder-coated or anodized.

Mounting the hanging rail to the ceiling

A picture hanging system consists of a hanging rail, hanging wires and hooks. The picture hanging system may be mounted to the wall or ceiling. If you are going to mount it to the ceiling, the rail is mounted to the concrete of the ceiling. It is also possible to mount the hanging rail to the side strip of a recessed ceiling. This mounting uses screws and plugs instead of clips. Top Rail is a picture hanging system for mounting a rail to the ceiling.

Integrated ceiling systems

For building and renovation projects, Artiteq developed 4 different built-in picture hanging systems. The Art Strip and Ceiling Strip are ceiling rails that are integrated when installing recessed ceilings. A picture hanging system will be available throughout the entire space, giving you a flexible way to decorate the walls without using any tools.

The Shadowline rails are to be integrated in combination with drywall ceilings and walls. They enable the placement of an invisible picture hanging system between plasterboard walls and ceiling panels. A shadowline is the only element that appears between the wall and the ceiling, there where the flexible picture hanging system is hidden. Using the Shadowline ceiling systems means you will always have a guarantee if smooth, clean walls and the flexibility to decorate them any way you like, without the need for tools. View all our picture hanging systems for ceilings.

Using a picture hanging system offers many advantages. One of these is the flexibility in hanging objects on a wall without having to damage it time and time again. In other words, when you use hanging rails, you can hang and move pictures without having to drill holes, and you can always be flexible in how you hang objects.
In order to benefit from the advantages of a hanging system, a one-time investment is necessary, which naturally means that the rail will have to be mounted, and this involves drilling.

Gluing a picture hanging system

In some cases, it is either not possible or permitted to drill holes in walls. Artiteq can offer a solution to this problem. Hanging a picture without drilling holes is possible thanks to the Contour Rail picture hanging system which is glued to the wall (and flush against the ceiling).

re you working with metal walls or partition walls and looking for solutions for hanging pictures? If so, view our magnetic solutions and stand-alone hanging systems.

Hanging wires for picture hanging systems

Hanging wires for picture hanging systems consist of a slider (Twister) that is attached to perlon wire, steel wire or a rod. The hook of your choice may then be slid onto the perlon wire, steel wire or rod. The Twister hanging wires may be twisted into any desired location on the rail and easily repositioned. The Twister hanging cords offer a flexible, user-friendly and safe way to hang wall decorations.

Hanging wire – different types and sizes

If you would like for the hanging wire to be as inconspicuous as possible, the transparent perlon hanging wire is the best option. A white Twister rod will also be nearly invisible against a white wall. Steel wire on the other hand results in a different look, which might be exactly the look you are going for in a certain interior. The perlon and steel hanging wires are available in thicknesses of 1 or 2 mm. If you prefer compact and minimalistic, hang your wall decorations using the 1-mm hanging wire. All hanging wires are available in different lengths. For a complete overview of our hooks:

Hooks for hanging pictures are used in combination with hanging wires. We offer a wide variety of hooks based on several criteria such as weight, ease-of-use, choice of material and security.


The size of a picture or wall decoration determines the weight. In practice, most wall decorations weigh less than 10 kg. The Artiteq range of hooks comprises products that can handle weights varying between 4 kg and 15 kg per hook.


Self-locking hooks offer more convenience than non-self-locking hooks. The self-locking mechanism in Artiteq hooks makes it easy to adjust the hook on the wire and find the right hanging height for the picture.

Choice of materials for hooks

We offer hooks made from a variety of different materials such as high-quality plastic reinforced with fibreglass, brass or steel.

Hooks offering security

For those with concerns about theft, we offer hooks with added security. This extra function serves to make removing a picture from the hook much more difficult. View our extensive range of hooks here:

Practical display systems for walls

Using a display system, you can display documents as presentations, and photos or drawings on the wall. A display system is often an ideal way to share information in a room. A display system also offers a clean, professional way to present documents. Artiteq offers a variety of solutions in the form of display systems.

Choose a display system

Info Rail is a display system that is ideal for presenting documents. These systems are frequently used in education and in the care sector. Display It is a system that is used to professionally display documents (presentations or photos), such as an estate agent’s front window, or the ‘face wall’ for photos of staff displayed on the wall in hospitals and other institutions. View our complete range of display systems.

Hanging systems without a rail

In some rooms, it is not possible to install a flexible hanging system in the form of a hanging rail with cords and hooks. It might be necessary to look for a solution for an open space without a ceiling, or a room with partition walls, for example.

Solo hanging systems

Artiteq offers several solutions for these situations; it is also possible to hang photo frames, pictures and other wall decorations without a hanging rail. We also have a solution for hanging several industrial elements or for example signage such as advertising. Be sure to also view our magnetic range if you are looking for a solution for hanging objects on steel walls.

This is a great company for picture hanging systems and accessories. Lovely staff helped me to choose the right wall hanging system to suit my space and also helped me to pick out the correct accessories. I would recommend this company to anyone and I will be purchasing items from here again. Thanks for a great service!

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