Exhibitions & Events display ideas

Exhibition and pop up event display demonstration

There are too many things that you need to get done when you prepare for an exhibitions or an events. Lots of planing involved in the process and one of them is self promotion. Exhibition is about promoting your products or services or both. And you need to project your new products, new ideas to your visitors and grab their attention. So it’s really important to place your products info and banners for visitors to see clear. Whether its on a table (desk), hanging from a wall (exhibition screen) or displaying it on a special display item such as an easel.

When considering the above methods your next question might be Where? What? And How? When you know the event venue you can find out what options you will have available (room/stall/walls space/exhibition screens etc) to use on the day. Once you know the above you could decide on getting the exhibition hanging/ display accessories. From our experience, the most convenient (universal) accessories that you can have with you when having an exhibition/ event are

1. Screen Hooks

2. Looped Wire/ Cable

3. Hanging Hooks (to go with the wires)

These are, in our opinion, must haves for any exhibitionist. They are likely to provide you with easy, straight-out-of-the-bag solutions for exhibition, event promotional and information display.

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