Hanging Systems for Fashion and retail displays

Artiteq up rail home hallway installation

Are you a fashion designer on the look out for innovative ways to display your garments? Or perhaps a creative and interchangeable way to showcase design ideas and sketches? How about incorporating a hanging system, into your studio, from our collection?

The flexibility of our hanging systems will allow you to change between fashion displays quickly and easily. The cables can be adjusted to different lengths to allow you to display items at various heights – creating an eye-catching display for your potential customers / business partners.

Not a fashion designer or a picture gallery owner? But you’re still wondering if you might be able to incorporate a hanging system for you creative ideas? Here’s another idea – We believe that our picture hanging systems could be used for front of shop displays. When you have to keep up with seasonal trends and compete for enticing shop windows, the last thing you want to do it install and uninstall a lot of bulky display systems. Our walls or ceiling rails could become your new best friend in helping you to create a flexible and interchangeable space, that can be altered easily from season to season.

As you can see, our simple picture hanging systems aren’t just for displaying paintings and photos. Get in touch with us about your requirements and we will be happy to cater for it.