Picture Hanging Systems DIY: How to use our systems

Wall Picture Hanging Systems

We all want our homes to be beautiful, welcoming and cosy and it’s most enjoyable if you can make it happen with your creativity and ideas. In our homes we have lots of spaces which aren’t utilized as it should be. Yes, there might be few pictures hanging unevenly, in the same places they were hung years ago, collecting dust… Traditionally hanging a picture or a painting meant hammering a nail on to the wall, often damaging the wall and having to spend more on repairs With the modern and innovative picture hanging systems you have the freedom to mount, dismount and move display items with minimum effort.

These hanging systems give you flexibility to have any pictures, artworks or paintings anywhere on your wall and move with a simple slide to a different location. Having a picture hanging system in your home is simple. You need only install a discreet picture hanging rail on your wall, very close to the ceiling. Then all you need are the accessories to hang the pictures whenever you want to.

How to measure the space in your home

Measure the length along the wall, which you will be hanging the pictures (in centimeters). The wall measurement doesn’t have to be to the meter. You can always install rails along the complete length of your wall or cut the rails to the desired length.

How to choose the hanging system type

There are few picture hanging system types. Each with its own characteristics.

Clip Rail system range (wall hanging)

Artiteq click rail School installation

The Clip Rail range is specially made for, but not restricted to, home and office environment where you can install and uninstall the system easily. The rail is clipped on to wall-mounted clips, which helps to easily mount and dismount the rail and change the picture hanging location.The biggest advantage is the convenience of mounting and dismount pictures. The accessories are made to make hanging pictures easy therefore you can change what you see, whenever you please.

Top Rail system (ceiling hanging)

Artiteq Top rail university installation

The Top Rail is designed to be installed from the ceiling. It can be integrated with your ceiling or cornice rail. For example, you can have the rail permanently installed in the ceiling when you build the house/ space.

Gallery system (wall hanging)

Artiteq click rail pro galleries and museum installation

The gallery system is made for an ever-changing space. It is best suited to an art gallery or an exhibition environment. The gallery system is very robust and has a range of accessoriessuch as hanging rods and classic hooks, which can hold up to 80 kg. Gallery systems are instalable permanently by directly screwing against the walls or such steady surfaces.

What accessories are out there?

Accessories for picture hanging systems are the hanging wires & cables, rods and hooks. Each wire, cable and hook has its own weight limitations, however as a combined systems they are stronger. Choosing accessories isn’t complicated.

  1. First sort the pictures or artworks into small and large groups
  2. Decide whether you would like to hang the small pictures on one hook or two.
  3. We would recommend to use two hooks on either side for large hangings.

Here is an example:

5 x Small, A4 size frames 5 x cable 1 x hook per hanging 5 x Large, A1 size frames 10 x cable 2 x hooks per hanging We know you are spoilt for choice here at Simple Picture Hanging! So, we would be happy to guide and help you to choose the system that is perfect for you. Get in touch with a sketch drawing of what you would like your display to look like and how many items you wish to display 🙂

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