Wall Mounting Cable Poster Kit


  • Window display Wall Mounted Poster Kit with portrait or landscape pockets
  • Draw people into your business with a professional window display
  • A wide range of pocket sizes and orientations available
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Features and benefits of a Wall Mounting Cable Poster Kit

A Wall Mounting Cable Poster Kit is ideal for a wide variety of businesses including travel agents, beauty salons, spas or hotels, but they work particularly well for estate agents window displays. The Kit creates a clear, professional and easy to update display that will work well both in windows and against a wall.

What does the kit include?

The complete kit includes your choice of acrylic posters, two 4m cables, wall mount fixings and the pocket side clamps. The cables can be cut to your required length with wire cutters. We precision cut the acrylic with a laser and use satin anodized finish side clamps and wall fixings so your display will always look professional and stylish.

Can I add additional posters if I want to?

Yes, if you are looking for replacement poster holders or would like to add more, we have portrait and landscape options available. For each additional poster you will also require four fixings.

I would like another poster pocket size, is this possible?

Yes, if you would like another size, color or format, just get in touch with us today for your custom quote.

Are the pockets double sided?

Yes. The pockets are clear so that you can either display a double sided poster or two posters back to back.

Are the poster pockets portrait or landscape?

The poster pockets can be selected in either orientation. If you chose landscape, for example. this can only be mounted landscape, though, as each pocket style is specifically designed for one orientation.

How do I update my display?

The poster pockets have an opening for you to simply slip your new posters in.


Landscape, Portrait


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Poster Holders

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