Artiteq Whiteboard Hook Set (excl. wire)

  • Suspension of the board without cord
  • Maximum load capacity 30 kg
  • Suitable for cables of steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm-1.8 mm
  • Is Located directly on the wall


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Hanging whiteboards safely and professionally

The Whiteboard Set has been specially developed to ensure it may be hung in an easy, flexible manner in combination with a hanging rail. The set consists of 4 clamps which must be affixed to the back of the whiteboard. The steel wire cords are threaded through the clamps and tightened, and may then be mounted to a hanging rail. The clamps ensure that the whiteboard is stable when mounted to the wall.

Thanks to the combination of the whiteboardset and the hanging rail, it is extremely easy to adjust the height of the whiteboard and/or to hang it horizontally. The Whiteboardset may be used in combination with the picture hanging systems Top RailArt StripClick RailClick Rail ProDeco Rail and Combi Rail Pro Light. We also offer high-quality whiteboards.



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