Stainless Steel Rod

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  • Stainless Steel Rod for use with our rod display systems
  • Create dynamic window or in store displays with a rod display kit
  • 1.5m rod is manufactured from stainless steel for durability
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What is the 1.5m Stainless Steel Rod for?

Stainless Steel Rods are a vital component of a rod display system and they are a sturdier solution in comparison to cable kits. The stainless steel threaded rod is ideal for use with our rod display system components for window displays and wall features.

Is the length adjustable?

Yes, if you require a shorter rod you will be able to cut this yourself as the Stainless Steel Rod is threaded and tapped at opposite ends to enable the desired length to be cut down.

Who uses rod display systems?

Cable and rod display systems are particularly popular for use in estate agent displays, as well as hairdressers, beauticians and travel agents, but they can be used to create a stunning multi panel poster display for any business.