Chalkboard Eraser 250ml

$17.12 Excl VAT: $14.26

  • Chalkboard Eraser fluid gets chalk off your signs with ease
  • The easiest way to remove chalk pen chalk, smudges and dust
  • Perfect for cleaning blackboards, whiteboards and chalkboards
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Features and benefits of a Chalkboard Eraser

Chalkboard Eraser is designed for use with any of our Chalkbard Pens making it the ultimate accessory. The Chalkboard Eraser is perfect for cleaning blackboards, whiteboards and chalkboards.

What size is the bottle?

The bottle is 250ml and is complete with a spray top for hassle free usage. The spray removes smudges or accumulation of ink dust that can ruin your display.

Can this remove shower resistant pen ink?

Yes, although some chalkboard pens are shower resistant they can still be removed with this purpose designed spray.


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