Artiteq Mini Hook 4kg (8.8lbs)

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  • Maximum load 4kg per hook
  • Easy use with side screw
  • Compatible with 1.5mm-2mm thickness
  • Compatible with Perlon Cord and Steel Cable


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Custom size picture rails

If you require the picture rail cut to custom lengths eg: 200cm rail cut to 50cm + 50cm + 100cm for easy installation. Get in touch for picture rail cutting services with details of your requirements. 

Artiteq Mini Hook supports up to 4kg 8.8lbs per hook and works with our 1.5mm – 2mm perlon cords perfectly. Also you can use the steel cable for retro look. We also have pre arranged Wires and Hooks Sets.

Why Artiteq Mini Hook?

Mini Hook simply designed to use with any kind hanging projects with minimal effort. It’s easy to use design very convenient to mount and dismount while supporting up to 4kg of hanging weight per hook, durable and is the most popular with artists and exhibitionists.

It is very popular specially due to the simplicity of using it with side screw to tighten up on the picture hanging wire or cable.

How to use this picture hanging hook?

This simply designed to tighten with the side screw while on the hanging wire. If you need further help using picture hanging hook please check out our video demonstrating how to attache the hanging hook on to the wire.

Weight10 g




Delivery Time Frame

2-3 Working Days

Max Load

4kg (8.8lbs)/hook


10 Years

2 reviews for Artiteq Mini Hook 4kg (8.8lbs)

  1. Avatar for Susana


    excellent picture hanging hook. no wonder its the most popular.

  2. Avatar for Patel


    really nice and simple picture hanging hook this mini hook. ideal for home picture hanging.

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