Artiteq Micro Grip + Twister Set

  • Strong and flexible
  • User friendly hanging and switching
  • Hang multiple pictures on a wire
  • Max 20kg per wire




Artiteq Hook & Wire Set in Micro Grip hook and Twister Perlon supporting up to 20kg. You can choose from 2 options which 2mm perlon with micro grip hook (max 20kg) or 1mm perlon with micro grip (max 10kg).

Great for any hanging project and the twister wire will work with most type of Artiteq rails such as Artiteq Click Rail, Artiteq Click Rail Pro, Artiteq Combi Rail Pro Light, Artiteq Contour Rail, Artiteq Contour Rail Glued.




Maximum Load on Rails

5kg (11lbs)/meter

Delivery Time Frame

2-3 Working Days

Wire/ Cable Length

150cm (4 ft, 11 in)


10 Years

Made with

Perlon Wire (Transparent), Steel Cable

Wire Thickness

1mm, 2mm


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