Artiteq Slider + 2mm Perlon

  • Simple, Safe and Strong
  • Perlon transparent wire
  • Available in 2mm
  • Max load capacity 15kg


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Custom size picture rails

If you require the picture rail cut to custom lengths eg: 200cm rail cut to 50cm + 50cm + 100cm for easy installation. Get in touch for picture rail cutting services with details of your requirements. 

Artiteq Slider in 2mm transparent perlon wire designed to accompany Artiteq Cylinder and Artiteq Panel Hooks. Supporting up to 15kg you will be able to hang wide range of items on Artiteq Slider. Combination of wire and hook mentioned above these will be ideal for hanging and display projects in events and exhibition environment. Perhaps to hang any item in your home or office.

Weight50 g


Delivery Time Frame

2-3 Working Days

Maximum Load on Rails

15kg (33lbs)/meter


10 Years

Wire/ Cable Length

100cm (3 ft, 3 in), 150cm (4 ft, 11 in), 200cm (6 ft, 6 in), 250cm (8 ft, 2 in), 300cm (9 ft, 10 in)

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