Artiteq Twister Perlon/ Steel

  • Simple, Safe and Strong
  • Flexible: Click anywhere on the rail
  • User friendly: easy to attach and detach from the rail
  • Perlon transparent wire or Steel cable
  • Available in 1mm, 2mm
  • Max load capacity 20kg


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Custom size picture rails

If you require the picture rail cut to custom lengths eg: 200cm rail cut to 50cm + 50cm + 100cm for easy installation. Get in touch for picture rail cutting services with details of your requirements. 

The Twister hanging cord come in transparent wire or steel cord with a thickness of 1mm or 2mm, and lengths available from 100cm to 500cm. You can cut the perlon wire to length if you needed, however we recommend you to roll it up the extra lengths and tuck behind the picture to use on another hanging project.

It works perfectly with all Artiteq picture rails and as well as wide range of hanging hooks.

More about Artiteq Twister

Artiteq Twister glider in perlon transparent wire or stainless steel cable offers the most logical and user friendly ways of hanging on the rails. Attaching Artiteq Twister as easy as twist, click and you are done and the most advantage is that you are attach the Twister cord to the rail at any place on the hanging rail.

If you would like for the hanging cord to be as discreet as possible, the transparent perlon hanging wire is the best option. A white Twister rod will also be nearly invisible against a white wall. Steel cable on the other hand results in a different look, which might be exactly the look you are going for in a certain interior.




Delivery Time Frame

2-3 Working Days

Maximum Load on Rails

20kg (44lbs)/meter

Made with

Perlon Wire (Transparent), Steel Cable

Wire Thickness

1mm, 2mm

Wire/ Cable Length

100cm (3 ft, 3 in), 150cm (4 ft, 11 in), 200cm (6 ft, 6 in), 250cm (8 ft, 2 in), 300cm (9 ft, 10 in), 500cm (16 ft, 5 in)


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