Artiteq Shadowline Drywall White 250cm 20kg(44lbs)/m

  • Not Visible: the picture hanging system is fully integrated
  • Flexible: hang and move wall decorations quickly and easily
  • Preservation: insert a wire into the rail wherever you want
  • Strong and Reliable: the wires hang directly from the ceiling



Custom size picture rails

If you require the picture rail cut to custom lengths eg: 200cm rail cut to 50cm + 50cm + 100cm for easy installation. Get in touch for picture rail cutting services with details of your requirements. 

The Artiteq plasterboard rail is a built-in picture hanging system for rooms to be built or renovated with plaster, timber or concrete walls and plasterboard ceilings. The picture hanging system together with the wooden framework, is mounted under the beam layer on the wall.

The Shadowline rail – drywall enables the placement of an invisible picture hanging system between plasterboard walls and ceiling panels. A discreet shadow line is the only element that appears between the wall and ceiling, and this is where the flexible picture hanging system is hidden. It is possible to install a hanging cord in the rail, anywhere you like in the room. Since the rail itself isn’t visible, the hanging cords are suspended directly from the ceiling. If you choose the transparent perlon hanging cords for the rail, you will have the most discreet picture hanging system at your disposal. Using the Shadowline ceiling system means you will always have a guarantee of smooth, clean walls, and the flexibility to decorate them any way you like, without the need for tools.

Dimensions250 cm


Delivery Time Frame

2-3 Working Days

Item Size

10mm, 13mm


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