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So, the big question: Can I let tenant hang pictures in my rented property? If you’re currently letting, the chances are your walls are ‘neutral’, and it can feel difficult to let tenant add their personality without drilling holes or knocking in nails to hang up photos and artwork to make it feel like their space.

Just because they are renting, shouldn’t feel like it’s not their home, so we’ve the right tools together with some suggestions for making the space yours whilst also keeping your landlord happy. There are ways to make your property feel like home without putting holes in the walls which will jeopardise your deposit.

How a picture hanging system can help?

Customer Reviews

“I had very short notice and had a hanging system on order with another supplier who sent me an email saying they weren’t going to have any stock until after my deadline . I called simple picture hanging who despite moving factories promised and did manage to get my order to me in days !!! fantastic service thanks”. 08-April-2021, Isle of Wight


Many people look for a hanging system for one particular painting or just for one specific room. However the hanging system will subtly integrate along whole walls of a room or throughout the entire house, whilst giving you the freedom to decorate your walls however you wish, whenever you wish.

All In One Picture Hanging Kits

Wall Mounted Hanging

Click Rail Kit


1 x Rail 200cm + Installation Kit
4 x Transparent Wire 150cm
4 x Hanging Hook

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Ceiling Mounted Hanging

Up Rail Kit


1 x Rail 200cm + Installation Kit
4 x Transparent Wire 150cm
4 x Hanging Hook

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Integrated Systems

Shadowline Masonry


1 x Rail 250cm + Installation kit
5 x Transparent Wire 150cm
5 x Hanging Hook

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