Sell Your Art Online

Reserve space for your artworks

Why us is a leading company who offer picture and art hanging systems. That mean all our clients are one way or the other care about arts, paintings and other creative works. Therefore we offer you, the talented artist, a platform from which to sell your art online to the client who wants your work, without any of the hassles of having your own website.

How it works

We market and sell your art via this site,, a UK’s leading destination for customers wishing to buy picture hanging systems online. We will display, advertise and market your art online and offline, provide payment processing and credit card facilities, and work hard to bring customers to you.

Your key responsibilities

We ask that you operate your gallery professionally as follows:

  • you will package your artwork carefully and despatch it promptly when you receive an order
  • you will notify us in advance when you go on holiday and let us know when you get back. This will help us to provide service notification to our customers.
  • you will notify us immediately when you sell artworks independently (out of stock)

You know how much your art sells for, so you decide the selling price of your art. We take a commission of 20% from your price. This commission covers our costs of advertising, marketing, customer services, credit card processing fees, invoicing, admin and VAT.

You are responsible for the costs of materials, packaging, and delivery to anywhere in the UK. Therefore you must set your price to include this cost. As an established artist, you probably already know how much it costs to package and deliver your style of artworks. If in doubt, £30 is usually sufficient for smaller pieces. For larger or heavy pieces contact your preferred courier to establish the cost. Check delivery prices carefully as you are wholly responsible for the cost of delivery.

We are attracting a growing number of customers from overseas so please select the option to deliver abroad and include overseas delivery charges for each of your artworks.

To get the ball rolling, please click the link below to contact us for a new artist account. And provides us with the information we need to get your art onto the site.

During this process, you’ll be asked to provide contact details and other information we need to assess whether your art will sell. The whole process from application to acceptance normally takes about 48/72 hours.

Customers pay online through our credit card processing facilities or by bank transfers. When payment is received, we will notify you of the details of the purchase by email, text message and if necessary by phone. You must then package and despatch the artwork to arrive with the customer within 2-5 working days (faster the better). Once we have confirmed that the artwork arrived safely, you will be paid approximately 28 days after that date (this is comprised of 7 days for delivery, 14-day for cancellation, return or refunds). You will be paid by bank transfer.

Terms & Conditions

We are the advertising platform

We are the advertising and payment processing platform, therefore you as the owner of the artwork or seller of the product responsible delivering the goods in timely manner. Your contact details must be shown on the product page and all questions and complaints must be handled by you. Payments will be released on the proof of delivery to the recipient.

please read the artist terms.