Artiteq All in One Up Rail Package 20kg(44lbs)/m


  • Ceiling mounting
  • Flush against the ceiling
  • Installation kit included
  • Strong & Reliable

The Up Rail is the leading ceiling rail par excellence, the rail is especially suitable when used in combination with concrete. The picture hanging system is clicked into place using clips (3 clips each meter) which are attached to the ceiling. The beautiful rounded shape of the rail fills the space between the wall and ceiling, therefore the picture hanging system is discrete and unobtrusive. The maximum load capacity of 20 kg/m makes the Up Rail a solid and reliable hanging system.

The package consist of 1x 200cm rail, 4x hanging wires 150cm and 4x hanging hooks. These combinations give you the option to hang minimum of 4 pictures for 200cm area.

Economical package: for small hanging projects with 7kg per hanging hook.

Security package: designed to keep the hangings secure from theft and moving/ knocking off accidentally. Ideal for busy environment such as galleries, public spaces, schools, hospitals etc.

Heavy Duty package: ideal for heavy artwork or other hanging projects. Comes with easy mount steel cable with hanging hooks max load 15kg.

How to install Up rail picture hanging system?

Please see instructions here. Up Rail Installation



Delivery time frame

2-3 Working Days

Maximum Load


Mounting Location

Ceiling hanging

Rail Finish

White Primer

Package type

Economical, Secure, Heavy Duty