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Wall mounted hanging rails

Hanging and changing wall decoration without damaging the walls

Artiteq offers several different solutions depending on the type of mounting, design and functionality. Examples include very compact hanging rails such as the Contour Rail, the Click Rail that may be mounted flush against the ceiling, or the Combi Rail Pro Light, a wall hanging system with integrated picture lighting. View here the wall systems compared.

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Once you have made the choice to use a Artiteq picture rail, you will have to decide whether you would like to mount this on the wall or ceiling. This choice will depend on the type of wall or ceiling and the weight that the picture rail track will need to support. A picture hanging tracks for walls is mounted to the wall using the Click & Connect mountings. The clips are attached to the wall using screws and plugs. Next, just click the rail onto the clips to mount the rail tightly to the wall. This system makes it easier to mount a wall rail to the ceiling in a straight line. If you are using a wall rail, you can either mount it to the ceiling or just below it on the wall. In addition to the modern wall rail system that uses the Click&Connect system (Click Rail, Contour Rail, Click Rail Pro), Artiteq also offers more traditional picture hanging systems. These hanging rails, which are J-shaped and which use aluminium or steel rods, are screwed directly to the wall without clips. All the Artiteq picture hanging rails are made from a high-quality aluminium alloy, and are either powder-coated or anodized.