Artiteq Mouse Magnets

  • Flexible: change the cards or photos on the cord whenever you like
  • Multi-functional: suitable for a variety of documents


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Custom size picture rails

If you require the picture rail cut to custom lengths eg: 200cm rail cut to 50cm + 50cm + 100cm for easy installation. Get in touch for picture rail cutting services with details of your requirements. 

Picture Mouse and Mouse Magnets 

The Mouse Magnets have been developed for use with the Simple Picture Hanging Picture Mouse (Solo) hanging wires. The Picture Mouse cord is a steel wire that has a steel mouse attached to it which serves as a stabilising weight for the wire. Using the Mouse magnets you can display your photos and cards on the hanging cord and create a fun and original hanging system on your wall. Of course you can use these fun Mouse Magnets on any other steel underground.

Mouse Magnets : colour and white

The sets of Mouse Magnets are available in colour and white. If you want to use the magnets in combination with our Picture Mouse hanging wires, you can choose between a steel or white Picture Mouse hanging cord. Here is a really original and colourful way to hang your photos in a kitchen, home office or anywhere in a home!



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2-3 Working Days

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Multi Colored, White


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