An inspirational picture hanging guide

Work with a bottom line

A large cluster of framed pictures can easily be united and organised by bottom
up on a straight line. Stick to the bottom line, then expand up and out.

Soften up hard lines

Soften up hard lines the hard shapes in a space, like doorways and furniture, can work as your guidelines when making a display. And it really softens up those architectural details when you put up things like the frames and decoration stickers.

Go for one large image

Go for one large image hanging a large print is an easy way to make an impressive statement.
It makes your space seem bigger, and the subject matter you choose rubs off on the whole room.

Hang in unusual spaces

If you’re short on wall space, try using spaces that are often overlooked in your home, like narrow strips of wall. hanging things there will add charm and make the room seem bigger.

Make a flexible gallery

If you like to try out new looks and combinations, choose a picture ledge to put your frames on. use the freedom to add and rearrange as much as you want. try combining hanging elements and frames in different sizes.

Group within a framework

Group within a framework one way to hang pictures is to use an imaginary frame as a guide. Within the frame you can hang four pictures or twenty. make sure your pictures get into the corners of the imaginary frame of keep it looking sharp and cohesive.

Hang from the top

Hang from the top hanging framed pictures down from a straight line in a stairway turns a dull transit area into an exhibition. You can work with a top-line anywhere in your home to help clean up groupings of hanging pictures.

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