Upgrade your property: Construction installation

Artiteq Art Strip Display Idea

I know that it’s really important for landlords to keep their property in pristine condition and refurbish in a worthwhile way that keeps your client/tenant happy with their rent.

So, what if i told you there is a way you can actually ask for a higher rent for your property with a simple little upgrade? Yes that’s right, you will be able to upgrade your existing property without a substantial cost to you and increase the value of your assets. This upgrade will add a modern and luxurious touch to your property, which will appeal to those looking for a modern way of life.

Our picture hanging systems come in many forms to easily integrate into your property. For example systems Art Strip, Ceiling Strip and Shadowline Masonry & Drywall. Once they are integrated into the ceiling they will add a touch of luxury with a lasting effect. As a property owner you only have to have the rail installed. The accompanying accessories can be provided by you or let the your client/tenant purchase from us. Here are few advantages of having an integrated hanging system.

  • Luxury and modern feel to the property
  • Can increase the price
  • Tenant/ client can display items without worrying about damages to walls
  • Ideal for commercial and office spaces
  • Items can be removed easily with no damage

So, Art Strip, Ceiling Strip and Shadowline Masonry & Drywall are ideal if you would like to upgrade your property to benefit the property, you as the owner and your client.