Traditional picture rail in your home guides

Traditional picture rail in your home guides

Millions of UK homes are traditionally built and are all could have a wooden ledge about a foot below the ceiling which are all along the wall throughout the house. Most call this ledge “Traditional Picture Rail” and usually home owners tend not to use this traditional picture rails at all. This could be due to lack of suitable accessories to hang anything from the rail.

However, here at Simple Picture Hanging we have a solution for you to get a use of the traditional picture rails all around your home. With our simply designed “moulding hook”, “looped Perlon wire” and “hook” can be a great combo to hang any picture or painting from the traditional picture rail.

Moulding hook

Perfect design to fit on traditional picture rail like Victorian or Dado rail.

Loop wire

Perfect companion for gallery hook. Available in transparent perlon wire or steel cable.

Picture hanging hook

Available from range of suitable picture hanging hooks to choose from.

Sounds too complicated on deciding…

how many wires and hooks you will need if you decide to hang pictures?

Well, it’s simple: find out the following.

  1. How many pictures and paintings have you got? (This will help you to decide the no of wires and hooks)
  2. What are the sizes? How heavy are they?
  3. Longer width (eg 60cm) will need hanging wire + hook on each side
  4. Heavy hangings will need extra support by using hanging wire + hook on each side
  5. What is the length from the picture rail to floor? (This will help you to decide the length of the hanging wire)

Finally, traditional picture rail itself is a simple picture hanging system, get the most out of it with our guidance.