5 ideas to display artworks

Info rail school installation

We all love drawing, painting and other creative sides when we are small and mostly we love to show off our work proudly whether it’s good or not. I remember when I was at nursery and primary school how my drawing and craft work were hanging on the wall. They were carefully cello taped which didn’t hold the hangings much long, then after few days all our hard work will be in a cupboard or in a drawer. Well, few decades past and now I can get state of the art picture display rails and other hanging systems which will help me to display my kids proud artworks. No artworks will have to go in a cupboards from now on. So here are 5 artwork display options.

Artiteq Info Rail

Nursery artwork displaying

The Info Rail is the ideal display system for displaying cards, posters, drawings and photos on the wall. Thanks to the Info Rail, you can create a tidy, orderly display of your documents. This system means no more damaged walls from thumbtacks, tape and so on, and changing drawings or posters is fast and easy. This hanging system has become particularly indispensable in classrooms and school corridors. The Info Rail is also an ideal system for displaying or sharing information at home and the office.

Info Rail Plus

Artiteq Info Rail Plus

Artiteq INFO RAIL + combines the advantages of the Info Rail with the possibility to display interior design accessories such as photo frames or books. It’s easy to slide documents such as photos, recipes, drawings or posters into the rail and display objects on the shelf at the top of the rail.

Info Strip

Artiteq Art Strip Display Idea

Compact design with little magnets to hold the artworks and pictures. Designed and suitable to install anywhere.

Picture Mouse Solo

simple picture hanging Solo systems

Picture Mouse Solo is a handy and original hanging cord for hanging several documents at the same time, such as displaying cards, for example. It is a hanging system that makes practical use of the walls in a room. Thanks to the transparent Picture Clips, it is easy to attach photos, cards and other documents to the steel cord. Picture mouse magnets also naturally work with the Picture Mouse cord, as an alternative to the clips. Not only is this an original way to display Christmas cards, birth announcements or birthday cards, the Picture Mouse Solo is also a practical alternative to a picture frame hung on the wall since you can display several photos one under the other.

Twine and Clothespin

simple picture display twine pegs system
simple picture display twine pegs system

Simple and natural twine and clothespin made of wood will be ideal for simple artwork display anywhere in the house.